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Top 20 Mini Desserts & Treats for your Tea Party-Themed Celebration

You're planning a tea party celebration and you went out and purchased several tiered cake stands fit for Eloise at the Plaza. Now...what do you put on them? I wrote this blog in response to that question, precisely: Given their dainty and delicate nature—tiered stands are made of vintage fine china, after all—they generally pair well with foods that you would describe as miniature or bite-sized. While full meals can definitely be served on them, tiered stands are most commonly found gracing tea party tablescapes or buffets during cocktail hour at weddings, bridal showers, baby showers, children's birthday parties (mostly for the benefit of the parents), Mother's Day gatherings and other female-centered festivities. My Favorite Ways to Use Tiered Stands...

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Tiered stands? Cake stands? Serving Trays? What gives?!

What do you call those tiered plate thingys that people use to serve desserts on—you know, at tea parties and such? In this post I highlight a few features of popular tiered stand varieties and call out some of their strengths and limitations.  I'll try not to be biased—but naturally, I think The Brooklyn Teacup's vintage tiered stands have the most going for them.

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