Sure, it was a little ridiculous that you received a baby dinnerware set from Tiffany & Co. that cost more than a month's worth of diapers/the china you registered for when you got married. But what's even more silly is that you used the set maybe twice and have kept it in storage for the last quarter century!

Vintage Tiffany & Co. Toddler Dish Set for baby showers upcycled tiered stands

With grandchildren nowhere near the horizon, no interest expressed by her kids about the thought of one day inheriting the china that they felt no special attachment to, and an urge to downsize, one recent Brooklyn Teacup customer sent us several pieces and asked us to do "whatever we could do" with it.

Can you guess what we did? That's right! We upcyled it...and this is what we came up with: Two cookie trays with antique gold handles and a 3-Tier "Mad Hatter" configuration, featuring a pink bunny rabbit teacup as the top tier.

Now, instead of collecting dust in storage, the pieces will be used as serving trays and decor at an upcoming afternoon tea party-themed baby shower and then gifted to the mama-to-be (Afterwards, we think it will end up on a dresser in the baby's roomm).

Go the extra mile (Don't forget to include a note)

If you plan to upcycle your china and give your vintage creations as gifts (as this customer is planning to do), consider including a note that describes your personal association or sentimental attachment to the pieces. For example,

This Tiffany & Co "Alphabet Bears" set was given to my mom when I was born in 1985. She fed me and my siblings our first solid food--pureed carrots--from these very dishes! I hope you make many fond memories with them in your own way.

By relaying even a tiny anecdote or bit of history describing your connection to the vintage china, you make the gift that much more thoughtful, unique and likely to be passed down.

Alphabet Bears Tiffany & Co. Vintage Porcelain baby china dinner set
Tiffany & Co. Baby Toddler China Set


In case you were wondering, The Brooklyn Teacup is happy to include a handwritten note with any purchase. 

Want to learn more about upcycling your china, perhaps from your baby's childhood or your own, into lovely, sentimental and eco-friendly gifts? We've got lots of ideas and would be delighted to assist.

Contact us, follow @TheBrooklynTeacup on social, or visit our FAQ.

Happy upcycling, decluttering and thoughtful gifting!

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