The Brooklyn Teacup is featured on Side Hustle School: Episode 1270

If you've been in my orbit at any point over the past 3 years, you've probably heard me talk about Side Hustle School or mention the name Chris Guillebeau. Side Hustle School is a daily podcast featuring 8-10 minute case studies of income-generating projects created by regular people, i.e., people who typically don’t have business backgrounds or explicit intentions of becoming full-time entrepreneurs. It’s kind of like an even more concise and accessible version of NPR’s How I Built This podcast (another of my favorites), and including practical advice for how others can turn their ideas into action.

Early on I made it a goal for one of my projects to be featured on Side Hustle School. And guess what? Today it happened.
Check out the podcast episode which aired TODAY (6/23) here:

I can't recommend this podcast enough. After listening to just a few episodes I was hooked.  Many episodes later, I still always learn something new and interesting from how others have approached and overcome challenges on their entrepreneurial journeys. Through storytelling, Chris has inspired thousands (maybe millions?!) with tangible and actionable suggestions for starting similar projects.

I’ve personally drawn a ton of inspiration, motivation and confidence from his podcasts over the past few years—not to mention an even greater appreciation for puns, which he weaves into every episode. Basically, I’m a Side Hustle School fan girl and I don’t care who knows it 😊


Chris Guillebeau ad Ariel Davis at 100 Side Hustles Book School Launch

Case and point: This is me with Chris after his book talk for 100 Side Hustles at  General Assembly in NYC last spring. Like a teacher's pet, I signed up to bring snacks to the event, obviously to display them on Brooklyn Teacup tiered stands. When I got there, I quickly realized 30 other people had done the same thing (minus the fine china presentation). I practically had to elbow people to make space for my cookies!!  

If you're curious to learn what the podcast is all about and hear more about The Brooklyn Teacup’s journey, check out the newly released feature, episode# 1270! Would love to hear what you think!


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