My family passed down beautiful pieces of china from generation to generation, taking them out and using them to mark special occasions and important celebrations.

One of the most important aspects of dusting off our beloved family treasures each year isn’t just about enjoying them as beautiful serving pieces at holiday meals, but recalling the memories and stories associated with each piece.

As a 30-something, I've noticed most of my friends' family heirlooms have been relegated to the shelves and cupboards year round—which means fewer opportunities to share family stories and keep those memories alive.

It doesn't have to be this way--and I'm definitely not suggesting that you hang on to things you will never use or start using dishware that isn't your style. But there is a way to hang on a to a few pieces to serve as functional and sentimental tiered stands for entertaining. Then, you can donate the rest and feel good about your storage purge


This Labor Day, I think back to my own family's history and the strong women that worked and sacrificed to be able to pass down their values and traditions to the next generation.

You guessed it —these exchanges of free took place at holiday dinner tables,  almost always involving the "good china." 

My mother and 101 year old granny passed down their china collections to me (I was the only one who expressed a real interest of my 3 siblings and 2 cousins, to be honest)! They also supported me in upcycling their pieces at the outset of launching this business for which I am incredibly grateful.

I'm even more grateful that we continue to use these heirlooms to keep the stories going and the family history a part of our present.

In the spirit of sharing, honoring our family history, and celebrating Labor Day, I’ve extended FREE SHIPPING through the month of SEPTEMBER —a little gift from my. family to yours. This includes all upcycling orders (for all domestic customers). Visit our upcycle page to learn more and get started.

granny vintage china teacup and saucer stand

My granny with her original wedding china from 1941. Upcycled by The Brooklyn Teacup into a Teacup & Saucer stand that she always keeps out to serve snacks to her many guests. 

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