If you find antique china even remotely intriguing, you will be very impressed with this retail giant's headquarters/fine china wonderland located in McLeansville, NC. Although it's a total schlep to get to (I was coming from Charlotte, NC with a friend) I would definitely say it was worth the trip.

When you first walk in to Replacements,  you find yourself in their store showroom. There you can shop and purchase popular patterns and related dinnerware. You can also peruse their "museum," which showcases iconic dishes and serving pieces. They also have a Christmas shop and sale section connected to their main showroom which was fun to poke around in while we waited for the guided tour. 

Tours take place every hour on the hour between certain times in the afternoon (I think it was 11-4, don't quote me :)) . When we went, my friend and I only had one other person join us.  The guide was a college-aged kid, not exactly who you'd expect to be leading a tour of a fine china enterprise, but he knew a lot about the company's daily operations. The guide took us around all the areas of Replacements' facility, from the customer service and shipping center, to the china repair and silver polishing area. The craziest part of the tour was, of course, through the many football fields worth of systematically organized inventory featuring (what looked like) every fine china pattern ever created...

inside replacements warehouse!


iconic fine china replacements.com

The company has a great ethos and treats their employees really well. Many have worked there for 30+ years...they are also very philanthropically-oriented, which is always heartening to see. 

   lamp made out of a teapotlots of teacup tiered from replacements.com fine china repair services at replacements.com in NC

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