Sag Harbor Crafts Fair 2019 + We're in The Independent!

fine china nautical blue and white the brooklyn teacup

Well, that’s a wrap on The Brooklyn Teacup's very first crafts fair! I met so many people, was lucky enough to have a whole bunch of friends come visit and help out (including my dear friend Meg, pictured here, who got extra points for coordinating her outfit with my 3-Tier Wedgwood cake stand), learned a lot, and got in some quality bonding time with the fam. 

tiered cake stand serving tower blue and white sag harbor crafts fair the brooklyn teacup

As it turns out, there’s nothing like putting up a tent and trying to prevent fine  china from blowing over to bring people together. 😂 Special shout out to my dad who, on Father’s Day, enthusiastically volunteered to be an unofficial (and unpaid!) sales rep for The Brooklyn Teacup.

All in all, a fun and successful weekend at the Sag Harbor Crafts Show.

Sag Harbor Craft Fair Brooklyn Teacup Fine China Both

For more about the 2019 annual Sag Harbor Father's Day Crafts Fair, check out The Independent's newspaper coverage... Spoiler alert: The Brooklyn Teacup is featured in the photo slideshow! 


Re: The Tent!

In all seriousness, the Eurmax tent I bought was pretty awesome. I marveled at the genius engineering that allowed it to go up so easily. It felt sturdy and substantial, was attractive, affordable and zipped backed into a wheeled bag like a glove! What more could a craft fair newbie want?! Especially with the winds coming off the bay, I was so happy I decided to invest in the Eurmax EZ Pop up tent instead of a cheaper model I was originally considering. 

Brooklyn Teacup at Sag Harbor craft fair under Eurmax tent

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