Two Ariels from Brooklyn Unite for a Spring Passover Giveaway!

I've teamed up with Ariel Loves (aka: the other Jewish Ariel from Brooklyn) to offer a sweet giveaway on Instagram! Ariel Stein is the mom of two adorable girls and the founder of Jewish Family Magic, an online resource for helping families make Jewish traditions fun and accessible (see her new Passover Magic Guide here!).

Ariel and I connected during the pandemic and learned that we had more in common than our names and Jewishness—we're both Jersey girls originally and spent our early twenties in Massachusetts before falling in love with Brooklyn.

3-Tier Spode Blue Turqouise Vintage with Macaroons, Matzo chocolate toffee dessert on Passover Seder Table

Most notably, though, we both love adapting “vintage” family traditions into practices that feel meaningful and relevant to our lives. I'm thrilled to join forces with Ariel to give away the same 3-Tier Spode stand (valued at $149) that she used to serve dessert at her family's Passover celebration this year, pictured below.

Giveaway closes on Sunday, April 3rd 2021 at 11:59 PM EST and the winner will be announced on IG and through our mailing list.


More Spode Copeland Collection pieces can be found on the website.

Keeping in the Passover spirit…

chocolate matzo matzah bark covered in dried fruit and nuts - martha stewart recipe for Passover dessert

 Anyone who knows me knows that I have a major sweet tooth and chocolate matzo bark is always a highlight of the holiday—this year was no different. See this instagram reel for a 30 second tutorial on how this was made.

Other holiday weekend highlights included making giant bubbles with my niece and enjoying being with my in-laws at our family's first (and hopefully last) al fresco, Zoom-hybrid Seder. It was a good thing the weather was kind to us!

Plagues on "The Good China"

10 plagues passover seder story covid 19 analogy vintage good china porcelain

On Passover, it is customary to dip your pinkie in wine (and apply it to your plate) ten times. Each drop is intended to represent the ten plagues sent by God to convince the Egyptians to free the Jewish people from slavery.

This year, even while enjoying a half-way “normal” Seder with family, our modern-day plagues felt just as present, if not more so, than they did last year. Without dwelling on it here, I would love to know if and how you thought about and/or incorporated what's going on in our complicated word during your holiday celebrations.

Upcycle for Easter + Spring Celebrations

egg matzo box matzah passover egg holder easter The Brooklyn Teacup spring holiday branding

Whether you celebrate the holidays with Easter eggs or egg matzos, if you're in the NYC area and looking to make your holiday table extra special by turning your own family china into tiered serving pieces, curbside upcycling is just the thing. Learn more and fill out our upcycle order form HERE to make an appointment to have your stands made while-you-wait!

And if you need something one-of-a-kind that's ready to go, stop by the Prospect Heights boutique, 1 of a Find, where you'll find a variety of dainty ring dishes and petite tiered serving trays. For sale and on display through 4/15/21. 

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