Stoop-Side & Zoom Shopping Sessions

Can you believe Mother's Day is only 1 month away?! Me neither. With vaccines more readily available (I got my first shot last week!) but still rolling out, we seem to be in this unique and awkward—albeit incredibly promising and hopeful—transition period.

Since The Brooklyn Teacup was featured on NBC News 4 a few weeks ago, I have been receiving a lot of calls from potential customers asking where my store is located and if they could stop by for a visit.

I admit that I'm super flattered that people think my basement home workshop is a brick-and mortar-store! While it certainly isn't, the inquiries got me thinking about how I can better accommodate local folks who would like to choose from my ever-changing inventory in person.

Even with all the vaccine-inspired optimism going around, though, we're still in a pandemic, and safety is important. So, with that in mind…

Enter two new ways to shop, just in time for Mother's Day:

Stoop-Side and Virtual Shopping!

*cues the music* STOOP, stoop-ba-doop....any other Salt-N-Pepa fans out there? I may or may not be having too much fun coming up with clever puns for my new services.

As usual, my customers give me the best ideas ;)

In-Person {Outdoor} Shopping

Virtual Shopping Options


If you’re hoping to create an extra special and meaningful gift to surprise the mom in your life, you can use any of the above ways to get started in time for Mother's Day.

(Side note—who would have thought that I'd be doing so much business from my stoop! Had I known I was going to offer this when we moved last year, I 100% would have ranked “cute stoop” higher up in the apartment hunting criteria. Oh well!)


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