They say that talking about politics with company isn’t polite. I say not talking about politics in an election year as critical as this is completely irresponsible—and also, we're past being polite. If you care about the integrity of democracy, collective health, the environment, social justice, and reputation around the world, I know you’ll join me in voting this Nov 3rd (or beforehand, if you’re voting early or absentee).Vote like our democracy hangs in the balance—because it does.

If you need some #votespiration, here’s a video we recorded of my nearly 102 Granny (who has only 5% of her vision but a better memory than her 33 year old grandaughter) after she filled out her 2020 absentee ballot: 

“I’ve been voting since 1940 and THIS is the most important vote I have ever cast”
If my granny can do it, so can you. No excuses. Vote!

Instead of continuing to be demoralized by our current dystopian nightmare I've drawn inspiration from my crafty entrepreneurial community and friends, who have don’t everything from selling custom beaded letter bracelets to creating musical political parodies, to use my tiny platform to help.

When you buy a limited edition red, white and blue 3-Tier stand through Nov 3rd 2020, The Brooklyn Teacup will donate 50% to, an organization supporting progressive candidates in this election's closest races.

⁠⁠Too much is at stake to be silent right now, from the integrity of our most basic institutions to our collective health and the environment. Voting in OVERWHELMING numbers is our only chance to make 1/21/2021 the “END of an ERROR. “ Pun intended—I can’t help myself, even when I’m dead serious.

Do you have a voting plan in place?⁠ What about your friends in battleground states? Call them, make sure they've got plans too! We’re all in this together.

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