Next Level Cheese & Charcuterie Boards ft. Vintage China!

It's amazing what people can create with a few cheeses and meat these days. It seems like just yesterday everyone was one-upping each other with decorated sugar cookies and macarons. Now, everywhere you turn, impossibly stunning grazing trays and platters are popping up like there was a class in school that I managed to sleep through.

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Quarantine-Approved Halloween Sweet Treats

Halloween feels a little extra scary this year. Trick or Treating during a pandemic brings a whole new set of challenges, leading many families to opt to stay home instead. It’s a year of alternate celebrations, and we’re here for it! See below for 5 spooky ideas to help you get your sugar rush safely this year. (Side note – In full disclosure, I’m not great at Halloween. I’m envious of people who can brainstorm clever costume ideas and create spooky themed menus, but I’m just not one of them. Luckily, my sister Alexa is one of those extra festive holiday people and lets me mooch off her efforts. She also takes great pictures after she plates her baked goodies...

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Vote, Vote, Vote! Getting Involved in Election 2020

They say that talking about politics with company isn’t polite. I say not talking about politics in an election year as critical as this is completely irresponsible—and also, we're past being polite. Read on for a special message from my granmother and how The Brooklyn Teacup is helping to get out the vote. Won't you join us?

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