A Field Trip to Junk Brooklyn a.k.a. "Mother of Junk" in Williamsburg

Mother of Junk is a Williamsburg institution. Let's not glorify it, though. It's not too far from a hoarder's den—the vintage china section is the most orderly part (and for that I am very grateful)! You come to Mother of Junk for the hunt—the hunt for treasures. Sometimes you walk away with a basket full of china (that you then wrap yourself if you want it to safely get back to your apartment); Other come up short.

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We're in the paper! Five fresh ideas for the family china nobody wants (In the Washington Post!)

In case you missed it and are also looking for things to do with china you've inherited or no longer want,  check out Washington Post article Five fresh ideas for the family china nobody wants. Why? Well, for starters, it features The Brooklyn Teacup's upcycling service (!!)...and has a bunch of other great recommendations. In fact, the article was so popular that just 2 weeks later, staff reporter Jura Konscius wrote a follow up piece, More ways to deal with your family china with additional suggestions for selling, donating, upcycling and repurposing your china.

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