What to do with pretty vintage teacups? Teacup planters!

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I may be biased but I think most things look better when presented in a teacup. But really, turning teacups into flower pots and planters are among my favorite applications for creative reuse. There's something so whimsical about growing plants out of dainty vintage cups and intermingling old decor with new life, don't you think?

Like with the teacup bird feeders, a great thing about teacup planters is that they are very forgiving of minor imperfections. Let's say the inside of your teacup is stained, or there's a chip on the rim of the cup that makes it no longer safe to sip from; Turning the cup into into a flower pot is a perfect way to repurpose the beautiful vessel. Besides, the dirt won't be offended and no one has to know.

Creating the planter itself is as straightforward as it gets. Just drill a small hole or two (depending on the size of your cup) through the bottom of the cup to allow water to drain, and you're pretty much good to go. The saucer below it will catch the water (so don't forget to put it underneath your cup before placing it on your table or window sill)! From there, you can add some potting mix and seeds and wait for the magic to happen. Create a few and you'll have yourself a teacup garden!

A note on drilling: The bottoms of teacups tend to be thin and are therefore pretty easy to drill through using just a hand drill and diamond drill bit. If you'd rather not play with power tools, book an appointment to upcycle your vintage teacups into planters with drainage, among other options. 

If you don't feel like getting your hands dirty, period, faux plants work just as well in teacups and can be very convincing substitutes for the real thing. These are a few from my workshop where real plants are impossible due to lack of natural light (and, if we're being honest, a lack of desire on my end to actually maintain them).

blue and white teacups as teacup planters with green plants


I couldn't not mention teacup bud vases! Like the teacup planter, the teacup vase is an adorable and even more versatile way to use your teacups since there's no drilling required and you can reuse them as teacups.

teacup vase with bright yellow purple flowers and greenery next

Teacup vases also make memorable party favors or seating place card holders. Use them as floral decor and then let your guests take the arrangements home with them to let the fun memories from your event linger long after the party's over.

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