What to do with old china? Transform it w/The Brooklyn Teacup!

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The boxes in your storage area labeled “FRAGILE” have been sitting there for so long you almost forget what the old dishes and fine china tea set looks like. Perhaps you had fond memories of sipping tea from the dainty teacups with a beloved relative, but chances are, you’ll never use these in your own home. You’re not a huge fan of the china pattern and contemplating having to wash holiday dinner plates by hand is the last thing you intend to add to your to-do list.

Despite your efforts to “share” the set with family (read: bribe relatives to take it), everyone always has a good “excuse” not to(e.g., young kids, small apartment, etc.) You wouldn’t feel good about just giving the collection away, so you keep putting off the decision.

If any of this sounds familiar to you—not knowing what to do with the sentimental family china that you don’t want yourself, you're in good company. Luckily, our businesses was created to address exactly this scenario….so you might be in luck, too! 

Upcycling: A solution for the old plates & fine china tea sets sitting in storage

The Brooklyn Teacup, is a passion project-turned woman-owned, small business dedicated to bringing new life to old family treasures. In a nutshell, our business transforms pre-loved plates and teacups into elegant and practical serving trays, everyday décor and gifts that can be easily shared and enjoyed.

Whether the pieces once belonged to a cherished relative or came from a previous marriage (where, let’s say, the guy ended up being a jerk, but you still love the china pattern!) our custom upcycle service helps you keep a piece of your story and gives you the freedom to part ways with the extra stuff, free from regret or guilt. 

What we create 

Here are just a few examples of the kinds of versatile, unexpected and eco-friendly products we can create using your own antique and vintage serving pieces. 

1. Versatile Tiered Serving Trays & Stands

two tiered server displaying meringues, chocolate, cookies and sweets on a birthday party table three tier tray made from blue copeland spode vintage china.  Used as a serving tray to serve dessert at a family Passover seder holiday gathering.


2. Stylish Pendant Necklaces

vintage china pendant necklace worn by TeaTime Magazine editor, Lorna Reeves

A pendant necklace upcycled from a blue and white chinoiserie-style plate, worn by Lorna Reeves, Editor in Chief of TeaTime Magazine.

pendant china necklace featuring light blue bird on white china and light blue ribbon.

3. Snack Stands & Trinket Trays

pink teacup trinket stand displaying jewelry on a bathroom vanity.Christmas holiday snack stand with christmas tree on teacup in front of a lit christmas tree.  Snack tray serving Hershey's kisses and chocolate nonpareils

A snack stand upcycled from a purple teacup and saucer set being used to serve crackers, nuts and dried fruit.

4. Scented Teacup Candles

teacup candle in pale blue Wedgwood Queensware sugar bowl. blue and white transferware teacup set turned into a scented candle

A scented candle made using a vintage blue and white teacup. Hand poured in Brooklyn with our local partners at Glow to Grow. 

And much more -visit our website for more details and frequently asked questions.


Instead of collecting dust in your basement, a storage unit, cupboard, or winding up in a thrift store bin without proper care (or worse!), your old family treasures can be transformed into beautiful, meaningful, and functional future heirlooms that you and your loved ones will really enjoy. 

Learn more & book an upcycle appointment today 

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