Blue & White | Fascinator

Each hand-selected piece in our 3-Tier "Fascinator" stand, including the teacup on top, features distinct and timeless transferware patterns in alternating shades and tones of blue and white. Motifs on the china range from floral and botanical arrangements to historical and colonial scenes. We're can't explain precisely why, but the combinations all work together's why we maintain that "there's magic in the mismatch!"
Each show-stopping piece is paired with T-shaped hardware for a chic and modern finish.

Each piece is made-to-order from our ever-changing collection of vintage tableware. Actual dishes used will be similar in color and pattern but will vary from piece to piece.
Upcycled from vintag, pre-loved china
Free standard shipping (7-10 business days) for order over $250.

Each stand is approximately 15," H, including the teacup on top, and ~10" in diameter. The base tier is a dinner-sized plate, followed by a salad or dessert plate, then a saucer with a teacup on top.

When the mood strikes, switch things up and remove the teacup to make a standard 3-Tier or 2-Tier Tray. If/when your Fascinator is not in use, the piece can be disassembled and stored away flat.