3 Tier Stand

 The 3-Tier is perfect for presenting and displaying everything from traditional tea party menu items, like finger sandwiches, french macarons, and petit fours, to birthday party staples like cupcakes and even cheese and charcuterie.The 3-Tier also makes a highly functional and decorative accessory stand for displaying and organizing jewelry, makeup and trinkets on a vanity or dresser. It's also a terrific, thoughtful and unique wedding, bridal shower and housewarming gift for anyone who loves to entertain.

Surprisingly versatile, the 3-Tier stand can be easily transformed into a variety of smaller configurations. Only having a friend or two over for drinks or afternoon tea? Easily turn your 3-Tier into a 2-Tier and serve just the right amount.


  • Includes 3 or 4 individual pieces of china, depending on on whether you add a teacup on top (availability and style permitting).
  • Metal hardware and assembly instructions included.
  • Fully assembled, the stand is typically 14" -15" tall.
  • Sold in two sizes: Classic & Dainty
    • "Classic" means the base tier is approximately 8" - 10" in diameter.
    •  "Dainty" means the base tier is approximately 7" - 9" in diameter.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for compact shipping, storage and deep cleaning.
Other names: 

3-Tiered Stand, Serving Stand, Cupcake Stand, Tiered Tower, Serving Tray, Etagere, Tiered Cake Stand. Accessory Tower