Ring & Candy Dish

If you've been looking for a lovely little tray to hold your rings, loose change, keys and/or other trinkets, then you're in luck. This vintage dish, typically a saucer or shallow dessert bowl with a decorative handle, is perfect for displaying and containing the little tidbits and knickknacks you can never seem to keep track of.

This little dish is also delightful for entertaining and can complement your existing dishes and dinnerware. Use several to serve an assortment of nuts, olives, condiments and other savory nibbles with cocktails. Or, pair with your formal china to entice guests with candies and mini confections at your next holiday gathering or tea party-themed celebration.

The multipurpose ring/candy dish is highly versatile and makes a delightful gift for fine china and jewelry lovers of all ages. We love putting one by our bedside table, vanity/bathroom sink, and another by the front door. The ring dish makes a terrific hostess or bridal shower gift and is ideal for the newly engaged bride-to-be who may want a pretty perch to rest her rock.


  • The ring/candy/trinket dish combines a vintage saucer OR a petite bread and butter dish OR shallow dessert bowl WITH a decorative metal handle.
  • With the handle, the piece is approximately 4" - 5.5” tall.
  • Ranges from 4.5" - 6" in diameter.