Teacup & Saucer

The Teacup & Saucer stand is an adorably whimsical and surprisingly practical decorative serving piece that can be used to display and store jewelry, trinkets and tidbits. Handcrafted from vintage fine china, the Teacup & Saucer stand makes a fanciful and feminine statement on any vanity, dresser or desk.

When entertaining guests or hosting tea party-themed events, use this dainty piece to serve nuts, candies or a handful of miniature cookies or macarons. Or, pair it with a 2-Tier or 3-Tier serving stand to entice guests with an abundant display of bite-size sweets.

The Teacup & Saucer stand makes a lovely bridesmaid gift, hostess gift or even a party favor for intimate celebrations. We also love this "catchall" piece as a birthday, mitzvah, or engagement present.


  • Includes two pieces of vintage china, a saucer and teacup.
  • Metal hardware and assembly instructions included.
  • Saucer ranges from 4" - 6" in diameter.
  • Fully assembled, stands between 9" - 10" tall.
  • Easy assembly/disassembly for compact shipping, storage and deep cleaning.
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