Our Story

The idea for The Brooklyn Teacup emerged in the Spring of 2018, when, out on a late-night run on the sidewalks of south Brooklyn, I nearly stumbled over a collection of beautiful fine china that had been put out with someone's trash. After rescuing the delicate treasures from certain destruction by the NYC Department of Sanitation, I resolved to upcycle the pieces into tiered cake stands—my favorite type of whimsical and versatile tabletop décor—to gift to friends and family. The only problem was...I couldn’t find a single business willing to drill holes through my assortment of found treasures! So, like any woman on a mission, I set my mind to learning how to do it myself. In the process, I came to discover just how many people I knew had beautiful dishes, bowls, teacups and more, tucked away in storage that they only kept for sentimental reasons (a.k.a. guilt).

Emboldened by this knowledge and the support of loved ones, I created The Brooklyn Teacup with the intention of preserving the nostalgic essence of fine china but through a practical and modern application. This way, family heirlooms could be enjoyed, shared, and passed down for generations to come—instead of collecting dust or (gasp!) winding up on the curb.
Preserving Family Memories
This is my 102-year-old grandmother, Ruth “Granny” Davis, whose wedding china from 1941 I upcycled into tiered serving trays and accessory stands for all her grandkids and close friends. As kids, my sisters and I loved using these same teacups and saucers with Granny for our special tea parties. Now, Granny keeps this this little tiered Teacup & Saucer stand handy for serving sweets when she has company — and she’s overjoyed knowing that all of her kids and grandkids get to keep a little piece of her with them too. It is my sincere hope that The Brooklyn Teacup can help you turn similarly fond family memories and associations into beautiful modern heirlooms that are both meaningful and practical.
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