Anna Weatherley Silver Edge | Teacup Bird Feeder

Introducing the most elegant and simultaneously adorable bird feeder you have ever seen! This lovely perch is upcycled from Anna Weatherly creamy-white, textured china by and can be enjoyed year round. Paired with silver, oval-shaped hardware to match the china's silver rim and fine details.

~15" tall, assembled; ~8" in diameter at widest part
Upcycled from vintage, pre-loved china
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Learn more about our teaucup bird feeders below.

Teacup Bird Feeders

Introducing the most elegant and simultaneously adorable bird feeder you have ever seen! A truly lovely perch for your favorite feathered friends that you can enjoy year-round. Hang directly from a branch or attach to just about any bar with a simple metal S-shaped hook.


The teacup bird feeder is upcycled from a teacup, saucer and a dessert plate or shallow soup bowl. When assembling your feeder, flip the top plate upside down in order to deflect rain and protect birds from the elements (including pesky squirrels!). This also prevents water from collecting on the plate or in the teacup.

Dimensions: The teacup feeder is ~15" tall, fully assembled. At its widest part, it measures 7-8" in diameter.

All tiered trays require quick and easy assembly. Find instructions w/assembly videos HERE.

The 2-Tier tray is also able t to be configured as a handled tray. Simply remove the top tier and replace the decorative handle and you've got a dainty dish that's easy to carry and pass around.

When not in use, disassemble and store your 2-Tier flat. For extra protection, you can add padding between each tier.

Tip: Load your foam and metal washers onto your screw and/or put all the hardware pieces in a bag for safe-keeping.

Care: You may want to periodically disassemble and hand wash your feeder with soap and warm water to keep your feeder looking fresh.

A lovely perch for your feathered friends!