Priscilla | 4 Tier Display Tower


The crème de la crème of tiered trays! This statuesque piece makes a grand statement in the middle of any table or entryway. 

While you might not guess it, the 4-Tier is the perfect secret hostess weapon for entertaining in small spaces. Limited surface area? No problem. With four vertical tiers you can serve all the desserts, appetizers and small bites your heart desires on one table without it looking cluttered.

When not displaying a cornucopia of treats, use the 4-Tier as a table centerpiece for seasonal decoration or configure as a 3-Tier or 2-Tier Tray depending on your menu or mood. 


  • Each 4-Tier is completely one-of-a-kind, featuring four pieces of luxury vintage fine china. Choose your favorite pairings from the combinations here.
  • Plates ranging in size from a small teacup saucer (5.5") on top to an extra large 12”charging plate below.
  • Paired with gold, T-shaped hardware for a chic complement the china’s gold trim and gilded accents.