Dreamy | Madhatter


The Dreamy Madhatter stand makes a delightful and surprisingly functional serving tray and accessory stand.  We'd never seen anything quite like it before we made it ourselves so this beauty is bound to be a conversation piece as well!

Each handpicked tier, including the maddeningly delightful teacup on top, features a distinct design in complementary shades and tones of blue and white. Paired with our ribbon shaped hardware and available in silver or bronze finish.

    Each piece is made-to-order from our ever-changing collection of vintage tableware. Actual dishes used will be similar in color and pattern but will vary from piece to piece.
    Upcycled from vintage, pre-loved china
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    Learn more about our Madhatter Stand below.

    About the Madhatter Stand


    The Madhatter is made with 1 salad plate (~8") + 1 saucer (~5.5") + 1 teacup. Fully assembled, the Madhatter stand measures ~15"H.

    For Dining/Entertaining: The Madhatter makes a delightfully elegant yet quirky serving piece (and conversation starter!) for anyone who likes to entertain. We love it for serving scones with berries (to go in the teacup, of course!).

    Home Decor: We also appreciate the way the Madhatter disguises clutter and makes the accessories and tidbits we keep on our desk look playful and intentional.

    Gifting: Makes a wonderful bridal shower, housewarming or even wedding gift for anyone who enjoys vintage, one-of-a- kind décor. Perfect for special occasions or for adding a little extra whimsical flair to an ordinary occasion.

    All tiered trays require quick and easy assembly. Find instructions w/assembly videos HERE.

    Surprisingly versatile, the Madhatter can become a petite 2-Tier Tray just by removing the top tier and replacing the decorative handle.

    When not in use, disassemble and store your stand flat. For extra protection, you can add padding between each tier.

    Tip: Load your foam and metal washers onto your screw and/or put all the hardware pieces in a bag for safe-keeping.


    We use all types of vintage china in our Madhatter Stand, from fine bone china to ceramic transferware.


    Wipe with a warm cloth. For more thorough cleaning, disassemble first and wash by hand.