Sophisticated | 3-Tier


A must-have serving piece for anyone who likes to host, this incredibly versatile, elegant and unique tiered tray makes entertaining a whole lot easier.  It almost doesn't matter what you serve, the Sophisticated 3-Tier tray can make even uninspired frozen foods and store bought cupcakes look downright classy. 

Patterns and motifs vary, from floral and geometric to fully illustrated pastoral scenes. 

Enjoy this chic piece with T-shaped hardware, which lends a smooth and modern finish. Choose from our current and ever-changing options. 

Approx. ~15" Tall x 10" Wide
Upcycled from vintage, pre-loved china.
Free standard shipping (7-10 business days) on orders over $250.
Turns into a two tier tray with just a few twists of the wrist!