TeaTime Dessert Stand

Even afternoon tea aficionados can't resist this playful twist on the classic tiered tray. The blue and white serving piece, named after its debut in TeaTime Magazine in 2022, is ideal for special occasions or elevating everyday gatherings.

Thanks to its versatility, you can can easily transform the TeaTime Dessert Stand into a more traditional 2-Tier Tray or even a Teacup Stand. Trust us, you'll never run out of reasons to use and enjoy it.

Details: Each TeaTime Dessert Stand is unique. The pictures represent a close approximation of what you will receive.

  • Choose between rustic chic sets containing historical scenes and landmarks with Nordic-inspired and Onion patterns OR chinoiserie chic patterns containing Blue Willow and Blue Danube patterns.
  • Paired with silver, ribbon-shaped hardware

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More about this item:
Dimensions: ~8" diameter, ~10" H
Aftermarket Disclosure: This is an aftermarket piece that we have upcycled from vintage china. Small imperfections may exist around the drilled holes. Once assembled, these imperfections are not visible and do not impact the integrity of the piece.