About The Brooklyn Teacup

Hi there and thanks for visiting! My name is Ariel Davis, and I created The Brooklyn Teacup with more in mind than just selling beautiful eco-friendly decor. To me, fine china represents family, community, and an appreciation for traditions handed down through the generations by women. Growing up, my mother and grandmother would bring out their fancy dinnerware for the holidays to mark a departure from our daily routines and signify the preciousness of family time. It was a way to make the day even more special.

Today, people of all ages are less likely to use “the good china” in their everyday lives. Many young couples are opting out of registering for fine china when they tie the knot. If they do inherit collections from their parents or grandparents, they don't know what to do with them. As a result, beautiful family heirlooms collect dust in cabinets and storage units until they are either donated or (gasp!) tossed in the trash. My solution is to take these hidden treasures and repurpose them into functional stands that can be used for both special occasions and everyday décor. Now instead of languishing on a shelf, they’ll be front and center for you and your family to use and enjoy for generations to come.

My favorite part of each project is seeing the joy that my stands bring to my clients and their families. Whether transforming your mother’s wedding china, or assembling a teacup and saucer stand from our curated collections, I would love to help you bring the beauty and charm of vintage china into your home.

Ariel Davis
Founder & Chief Upcycling Officer

Preserving Family Memories

This is my 102-year-old grandmother, Ruth “Granny” Davis, whose wedding china from 1941 I upcycled into tiered serving trays and accessory stands for all her grandkids and close friends. As kids, my sisters and I loved using these same teacups and saucers with Granny for our special tea parties. Now, Granny keeps this this little tiered Teacup & Saucer stand handy for serving sweets when she has company — and she’s overjoyed knowing that all of her kids and grandkids get to keep a little piece of her with them too.

It is my sincere hope that The Brooklyn Teacup can help you turn similarly fond family memories and associations into beautiful modern heirlooms that are both meaningful and practical.

Watch us on NBC News 4!

In March of 2021, New York Live's Joelle Garguilo of NBC News 4 came to interview Ariel about The Brooklyn Teacup and tour her home workshop and studio. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the space where The Brooklyn Teacup's china is stored and what the upcycling process looks like from start to finish.