Our Story

Ariel carrying two 3 tiered serving stands in front of brick wall  Brooklyn

The idea for The Brooklyn Teacup emerged in early Spring of 2018, when, out on a late night run on the sidewalks of south Brooklyn, Ariel nearly stumbled over a collection of beautiful fine china that had been put out with someone's trash. After rescuing the delicate treasures (with the help of her incredibly skeptical but ultimately supportive husband) from certain destruction by the NYC Department of Sanitation, Ariel resolved to upcycle the pieces into tiered cake stands to give as gifts to friends and family.

​...The only problem was that no local business was willing to drill through porcelain! So, Ariel decided to take matters into her own hands. Dozens of tutorials, one serious power drill press, several shattered plates (and a whole bunch of exhilarating and not so fun steps later....) and voilà! The Brooklyn Teacup was officially in business with a mission to give antique dishes a new lease on life and elevate (literally!) celebrations and holidays of all kinds.

 Shadow of a tiered cake stand on cobblestone road in Dumbo, Brooklyn

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