Eco-friendly Products & Sustainable Practices

How Our Small Business Strives to Deliver
Earth-Friendly Products & Services

Ariel Davis of The Brooklyn Teacup sourcing for vintage china in a store

At The Brooklyn Teacup, sustainability is a fundamental value that informs every aspect of our business. We believe even small changes in behavior can have a significant impact, and we strive to make eco-conscious choices whenever possible.

Vintage china dishes and teacups set in shopping basket

We Source “Pre-Loved” Vintage & Antique China Inventory

One of the primary ways we prioritize sustainability is by sourcing vintage and antique inventory that meets our strict quality standards. By doing so, we preserve the charm and history of unique dinnerware from bygone eras while avoiding new production.

We Repurpose Damaged Fine China

However, we don't stop there. When breakage occurs, we reduce waste by transforming chipped plates and shards into entirely new products, like our popular pendant necklaces and magnet sets. This process not only results in remarkable, one-of-a-kind gifts, but also reduces the amount of waste that would otherwise end up in landfills.


Upcycled vintage china necklace pendants

We Donate Excess Inventory to Local Businesses & Nonprofits

Any inventory that does not meet our strict quality standards for resale gets donated to a terrific local environmental nonprofit, Big Reuse. We also gift our not-quite-perfect quality pieces to local cafes, small businesses and hobbyists for a variety of displays and mosaic projects. 

Tiered trays used as retail displays at the Brooklyn Cafe and Bakery

We Invest in Carbon-Neutral Shipping

To further reduce our environmental impact, The Brooklyn Teacup provides carbon-neutral shipping on every order. We use Shopify’s Planet app to automatically calculate shipping emissions and ensure carbon removal to neutralize our shipping footprint. Planet has a unique approach to carbon reduction:  rather than solely relying on traditional carbon offsetting methods such as forest protection, they focus on removing carbon from the atmosphere.

By providing carbon-neutral shipping, we aim to reduce the environmental impact of our business while still delivering the highest quality products to our customers.

Eco friendly packing and shipping supplies for packing china

We Reuse & Repurpose Packing Supplies

Finally, The Brooklyn Teacup strives to reuse as much packaging material as possible. We encourage our upcycle clients to do the same by reusing materials they have at home to ship their china to our Brooklyn workshop. By doing so, we reduce unnecessary waste like bubble wrap and packing peanuts, while still ensuring that delicate china arrives safely to its final destination.

Thank you for your support!

We recognize that we are far from perfect environmentalists and are always looking for ways to do better.  Thank you to our customers for their support and for joining us in our commitment to being kinder to this planet we all share.


Our Most Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Product

 Eco friendly scented candles in a vintage china teacup

All our products are made from pre-loved vintage china, but when it comes to the most sustainable gift in our catalog, our range of scented teacup candles—which includes vintage coffee mugs, sugar bowls, gravy boats—takes the {tea} cake!

Each all-natural, vegan, soy wax candle is made with a sustainable wooden wick and hand-poured into vintage vessels by the Brooklyn-based artisans at Glow to Grow. Each candle also comes with a protective dust cover made from wildflower seed paper. When finished burning, the empty vessel can be used to grow a mini garden or repurposed in countless other ways—including as a food-safe teacup for drinking.


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