Modern heirlooms
made from YOUR vintage china


We're so excited you're here

At The Brooklyn Teacup, we are co-creators in the design and upcycle process. You probably have some ideas of what you would like to make using your china or who will receive the finished pieces; we are here to share what we've learned over the years of creating these one-of-a kind products.

The best way to guarantee that you'll be thrilled with your results is to start with a brief consultation. You’ll start by showing me your china and we will show you the range of pieces we can create. Together we’ll select the best hardware option(s) and make delivery arrangements.

 Book consultation before 12/5

for guaranteed shipping by 12/17!

You supply the china...

...we create a one-of-a-kind piece you will use and enjoy.

We require a $25 deposit which is applied towards your order.

How it Works

Show & tell

Step 1

First, you’ll show me your china and I’ll present you the with different pieces I can create with it!

Select products & details

Step 2

Then, you’ll select the item(s) you want to create and choose from the hardware option(s) that you prefer.

Finalize plans

Step 3

Last, we'll go over shipping and logistics and answer any questions you may have.

Let's put that good china to good use...These beautiful treasures are meant to be adored, not stored!

What will you make?

Serving trays for tea parties, holidays or everyday;
Accessory stands for keeping your favorite jewelry on display;
A perch for your feathered friends to dine and play
...Why, there's so much more we can say!
So if you don't know what you'd like, that's A-OK,
We're here to guide you each step of the way!

There are so many ways to enjoy and configure your vintage china that it has us writing poetry!😉

These are our current offerings which we are happy to discuss in as much detail as you'd like on our consultation call.

It would be our honor to
turn your tucked-away treasures into
functional modern heirlooms
that you and your loved ones will really use and enjoy.
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