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A Quick History of Blue & White China

Blue and white china patterns have an effortless charm that has captivated collectors and home decor enthusiasts for generations. One of the key factors behind their enduring appeal is the way in which unique patterns and designs, in countless shades and hues, can seamlessly blend together.

The versatility of these pieces is also noteworthy, as they can be adapted and layered to create both casual and elegant table settings. Commonly referred to as transferware, the blue and white china we know and love also owes some of its allure to its unique origin and the cultural associations it has acquired over the years. Undoubtedly it's the combination of all these factors–plus a little magic–that makes blue and white china so enchanting!

Back in 18th-century England, transferware emerged as a groundbreaking technique for making beautiful, decorative dinnerware. Instead of the traditional and laborious hand-painting method of adding designs to ceramic, transferware allowed patterns to be created quickly and cheaply through a process of stamping or “transferring” using a piece of paper. This process made fine dinnerware accessible to a wider audience, and is credited with helping to narrow gaps between the elite and the middle classes.

Transferware and the Versatility of Blue & White

One of the things we love most about blue and white transferware is its ability to make even ordinary meals feel special and memorable. Whether it's a simple family breakfast, a casual lunch with friends, or a relaxed dinner gathering, using this china instantly adds a touch of sophistication to any table setting. Unlike most other vintage dinnerware, transferware tends to be dishwasher-safe and microwave-friendly, which means you can use it for much more than just your special occasions.

Mix and match blue & white china patterns for an eclectic look

Add a touch of vintage chic whimsy to your table setting with our handpicked selections of blue and white china.

Dinner plates, salad plates, bread plates, and teacups are sold in unique sets of 4 from our ever-changing inventory. Each set has been carefully curated to include an assortment of complementary patterns and hues to create a fresh yet classic look.

A mix of patterns are included in each set, falling into these five categories:

For your reference

Blue & White Pattern Categories

We classify blue & white transferware china into five distinct categories: 

  1. Florals & botanicals
  2. Chinoiserie
  3. Landscapes, landmarks & colonial scenes
  4. Nordic-inspired
  5. Onion

For more details about the pattern categories and our classifications, visit our blue and white china pattern page.

Handpicked & intentionally mismatched

Patterns we love to mix & match

When it comes to mixing and matching to create handpicked sets and our top sellingtiered serving trays, we might combine detailed landscape scenes with minimalist, Nordic-inspired designs or pair over-the-top floral patterned teacups with blue onion or chinoiserie saucers.

We maintain that there's a little bit of magic is in the mismatch; How else could all these distinct patterns blend so well together?

Blue & White China Serving Trays

Our blue and white tiered serving pieces are also crafted to include different combinations of patterns based on these categories. For example, our Dreamy 3-Tier Serving Tray combines romantic floral & botanical china patterns with tranquil landscapes and pastoral/colonial scenes.

Whether you choose from our carefully selected,  ready-made sets or tiered serving pieces, we know you’ll find the timeless beauty of classic blue and white china to be nothing short of magical.  

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