Blue & White Pattern Gallery

The assortment of eye-candy in our gallery contain just those patterns we encounter on a semi-regular basis. It is not by any means extensive or indicative of what we have in stock at any given moment. However, it should give you a sense of the magical mix-match aesthetic underlying our blue and white collection and the breadth of designs in this color palette that beautifully complement one another.

Blue & White China Patterns:

We separate our blue and white patterns into five categories.  We sometimes refer to these categories as ingredients, as they make up the different components in our mix-match plate sets and bestselling tiered serving trays.

These categories include:
  1. Florals & Botanicals
  2. Landscapes, Landmarks & Colonial Scenes
  3. Nordic-Inspired
  4. Chinoiserie
  5. Blue Onion

Read on to learn more about category type:

1. Floral & Botanical Patterns:

Vintage blue and white dinnerware often feature flowers and plants as decorative motifs. These can range from highly realistic and detailed depictions to more stylized and abstract designs. Most dinnerware will have a floral border adorned with botanical elements arranged in a formal, symmetrical way. Commonly featured flowers on vintage china include roses, peonies, lilies, and chrysanthemums.

2. Landscapes, Landmarks & Colonial Scenes:

This collection of blue and white dinnerware features intricate designs that showcase various scenes from early American history and the colonial era. The motifs and vignettes depicted on these pieces often include historical events, landmarks, and representations of everyday life from this important period in our country's past.

3. Nordic Inspired Patterns:

Our Nordic-inspired dinnerware patterns feature the most simple and symmetrical designs in our blue and white collection, with understated floral motifs that are reminiscent of Nordic and Scandinavian design. These pieces are known for their classic, clean, and orderly appearance, with minimal distractions. While they are beautiful on their own, they can also be mixed with more complex and ornate patterns to create contrast and balance.

4. Chinoiserie:

Chinoiserie patterns, inspired by Chinese art and culture, are known for their intricate and ornate details. These designs often depict lush natural scenes with mountains, forests, fields, and bodies of water.

Popular motifs in chinoiserie design, such as in the most iconic Blue Willow china pattern, include pagodas, dragons, and other mythical creatures; Bamboo and cherry blossoms, cranes and phoenixes, and figures dressed in traditional attire are also commonly sighted. These elements come together to create a sense of the beauty and mystery of the East.

5. Blue Onion:

Blue Onion and related patterns are characterized by a cobalt blue under-glaze on white porcelain. These blue and white patterns often depict fruit, such as pomegranates and peaches, that resemble onions and bulbs. As it turns out, onion is actually considered to be a misnomer that caught on and spread! The options below include just some of the many versions of these patterns that we frequently carry.


Whether mixed and matched together or as standalones, these patterns make for breathtaking table settings, elegant serving trays and one-of-a-kind home décor. It's easy to see why these timeless pieces, with their unique beauty, craftsmanship, and attention to detail, are so beloved.