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Upcycling your china in 5 easy steps

The simple process starts with a brief consultation. You’ll show us your china and share what you'd like to create. We'll help pick the upcycled options we know will work best and show you hardware options. From there, you'll pack and send your china to our Brooklyn workshop. Within just a few weeks, you'll be ready to use, enjoy or gift your "new" creations!

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We're happy to ship your finished custom pieces to your friends & loved ones.

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Upcycling Details

Can't wait to learn more before your consultation call? Find out more about the process and review our complete product menu. Upcycling prices range from $39 for a ring dish to $149 for a Fascinator (3 plates w/a teacup on top).

What will you create from your tucked away treasures?

Upcycle Inspiration

Get your wheels turning with a look at a few recent projects we've had to pleasure to work on...

Grandma's teacup collection ...

becomes gifts for her grandkids, including this "Madhatter" accessory stand!

Mom's long lost berry bowls & dessert plates...

debut as serving pieces and meaningful party favors at her daughter's bridal shower.

The family's old china...

now used for a new holiday tradition...a boozy hot chocolate bar and sweets station!

Mom's once favorite (chipped) plate...

becomes her daughter's favorite necklace.

Overlooked, mismatched plates...

become a favorite serving tray for weekend entertaining, indoors and outdoors!

Unused "odds and ends" from granny's china set

are now her go-to platters and serving trays for book club and game night.

A stained teacup becomes...

the sweetest backyard bird feeder, beloved by humans and feathered friends alike.

Fancy dessert plates...

become fancy and festive spots for sweets, treats, trinkets & tidbits.

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