Madhatter Serving Stand

It may surprise you that this intriguing piece, crafted from vintage blue and white china with a teacup on top, is also highly practical. Customers tell us they love using their whimsical Madhatter Stand for everything from serving everyday snacks to cupcakes and desserts when they have company. Be prepared for a lot of compliments (and a couple of raised eyebrows)! 

Each Madhatter Serving Stand is unique based on our ever-changing inventory of blue and white transferware.  Select your preference based on the teacup shown. 

  • Includes 1 salad plate, 1 saucer, and 1 teacup in three unique pattern combinations that include: floral, Nordic-inspired and chinoiserie.
  • Stand is paired with silver, ribbon-shaped hardware.

More about this item:
Dimensions: ~8" diameter, ~15" H
Aftermarket Disclosure: This is an aftermarket piece that we have upcycled from vintage china. Small imperfections may exist around the drilled holes. Once assembled, these imperfections are not visible and do not impact the integrity of the piece.