Bountiful Tea Tray

Naturally, this blue and white three tiered tray with a teacup on top is the perfect serving piece all your tea party treats. Thanks to its vertical design,  is also great for serving multiple appetizers and bite-sized snacks with crowding your table. When you feel like it, easily transform this piece into a traditional 3-Tier or 2-Tier tray or even a teacup stand.  Disassemble entirely for compact storage and transport.

Each impressive tea tray is unique, combining eclectic blue and white china patterns and motifs. Pictures represent a close approximation of what you will receive. Paired with silver, T-shaped hardware for a chic and modern finish. 

More about this item:
Dimensions: ~10" diameter, ~15" H
Aftermarket Disclosure: This is an aftermarket piece that we have upcycled from vintage china. Small imperfections may exist around the drilled holes. Once assembled, these imperfections are not visible and do not impact the integrity of the piece.