Have old teacups that you never use?

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Transform them into Scented Teacup Candles 

Perhaps they once belonged to a loved one, or you acquired them at a different phase in life and no longer want or need them. Well, we may have just the thing to inspire you to take your pretty pieces of porcelain out of storage and into the light!

In partnership with our friends Glow to Grow, a Brooklyn-based, eco-conscious candle company, you can upcycle your teacups, coffee mugs, and even gravy boats and sugar bowls into delightful, eco-friendly scented candles to enjoy in any room of your home.

A heartwarming (and heart-melting) gift!

Stock up on thoughtful, sentimental, and functional gifts you can enjoy and feel good about giving year-round.

How it works: 

  1. with the number of teacups you want to transform, pictures of the vessel(s), and your scent preference. Choices include: peppermint eucalyptus, gardenia tuberose, lavender driftwood, green tea & lemongrass, chocolate ganache, fresh coffee. Minimum of 3/order. Prices vary depending on the size of the vessel.
  2. We'll send you an invoice with packing and shipping instructions along with our mailing address. 
  3. Pack & ship your teacups to Brooklyn. Send the teacups, keep the saucers!
  4. We ship your teacups back as candles, ready to enjoy!

    Don’t have vintage teacups to spare?

    Check out our collection of scented teacup candles on our website.
    two-wick teacup candle made from franciscan desert rose teacup and saucer.  Candle sits on tablecloth with flower and ribbon, just unwrapped as a gift.


    About The Brooklyn Teacup x Glow to Grow Collaboration:

    When Glow to Grow founders Jon and Patricia reached out about a collaboration, we were immediately excited about the opportunity to work with another local business dedicated to repurposing vintage dinnerware. We were drawn to their passion for sustainability and creativity in extending the life of their vessels.
    We especially loved that they weren’t afraid to think outside the teacup 😉. When we asked if Jon, who hand-pours all of Glow to Grow’s unique candles, if he would turn a gravy boat into a candle, he hardly batted an eye.
    Just a couple weeks after handing over the gravy boat, we had it returned to us as a gravy boat candle, clearly labeled with information about the scent, estimated burn time and care instructions.  In case you’re curious, the average burn time for a candle in a gravy boat is ~72 hours (and it requires two wicks!)     

     More about our scented candles:

    • Made from 100% clean-burning, all-natural soy wax.

    • Free of additives, dyes, phthalates, or oil-based petroleum products.

    • Eco-friendly, clean-burning, FSC Certified 100% naturalhand-crafted wooden wicks

    In case these candles didn't sound Brooklyn enough, all of them ship with dust covers made from wildflower seed paper.😊Once empty and cleaned out, teacups can be repurposed (again!) as planters to grow flowers, succulents, or other small plants.

    Frequently Asked Questions: Transforming Your Teacups into Teacup Candles

    What scents are available?
    We offer several seasonal scents with others offered year round. Currently, our year-round scents include: Peppermint Eucalyptus, Gardenia Tuberose, Rose & Sandalwood, Lavender Driftwood Fresh Coffee & White Tea. Inquire for seasonal scents.

    What is the turnaround time for turning my teacups into candles? 
    It can take up to 4 weeks from the time we receive your teacups in the mail until you receive them. If you need your finished candles by a certain date, be sure to plan ahead!


    Just teacups? Can you turn anything into teacups?
    Most teacups, mugs, and shallow, bowl-like serving pieces make good vessels for candles. Please email us at hello@thebrooklynteacup.com for more specific pricing details (along with a picture of what you have in mind for a proper quote).

    How many hours do the candles burn for?
    The number of hours of burn time depends on the vessel and the number of ounces of wax it holds. Most teacups have an average of approximately 35-45 hours of burn time.

    How much does it cost to transform my candle? 
    $45/standard teacup, $55/mug with a 3 candle minimum order. 

      What can I do with the candle after it’s finished burning?
      Included with every candle is a dust cover made from seed paper. Per Glow to Glow’s recommendations, you can easily clean and repurpose your vintage teacup or vessel using these tips

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