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Vintage Holiday Favorites for Everyone on Your List

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The Brooklyn Teacup Holiday Gift Guide 2022 Tree
It took making a gift guide to realize just how many beautiful and unique products we offer at The Brooklyn Teacup. The 12 pieces we chose, from vintage teacups to upcycled tiered trays made from timeless dinnerware patterns, are just a sampling of the unique gems we know will make the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop-for person on your list.
For ease of browsing, we divided our guide into gifts related to Dining & Entertaining, with serving pieces and tabletop items, and Home & Garden, with decorative and display gifts that can also be used around the home (and even outside, too)! The numbers above correspond with the numbers below (they're not out of order, we promise).

Happy Browsing & We wish you a happy and healthy holiday season!

Dining/Entertaining: Serving Pieces & Tabletop Decor 

  1. For the Friend who has Everything

Miriam 2-Tier

 Miriam 2-Tier Serving Tray

Elevate your holiday display with festive china that can be enjoyed year round. We love these pieces for Hanukkah and see some extra elevated jelly doughnuts in their future.  Crafted from eclectic, eye-catching china patterns by makers such as Haviland, J.L. Coquet, Royal Albert, J. Seignolles, & more.


 2. For the Christmas Cookie Fanatic

Christmas Snack Stand - Spode

Christmas Snack Stand

Bring on the cheer when you put out the treats on these festive Christmas Tree serving pieces made from vintage Spode china. We know you'll love incorporating these beauties into your holiday dining and entertaining for years to come.


3. For the Grandmillennial and Blue & White Lover

Gracious Blue & White Transferware Sets

    Gracious Blue and White Square Salad Plate 

    Make special occasions and weeknight dinners with loved ones a cause for celebration. Discover the magic in mixing and matching from our curated selection of eclectic, handpicked plates, bowls, platters & dish sets you won't find anywhere else.

    5. For the Friend with a Sweet Tooth

    Gilda Candy/Sugar Dish

     Gilda Candy/Sugar Dish

    Elevate your dessert table or coffee set up with these floral candy dishes and add just the right amount of sweetness to your soirée. This dainty dish with a handle is the perfect accent for serving chocolates or decorative sugar cubes at a celebration or special event...but use your imagination! You'll never run out of reasons to use this precious piece. 

    9. For the Tea Lover

    Vintage Teacups

    Blue and White Teacups

    Whether for hosting afternoon tea or just enjoying a cup of coffee before rushing out the door, our assortment of blue and white teacups will be sure to add a touch of rustic elegance to your ambiance. 

    10. For the Perfectionist

    Prim 3-Tier Serving Trays

    Prim 3-Tier Serving Tray

    Add a touch of vintage glamour to any gathering with these tiered trays crafted from matching china place settings. The luxe, timeless patterns and hardware make them suitable for just about any occasion or bite-sized treat, from cheese and cracker to cupcakes. Check back often for ever-changing vintage inventory options. 

    11. For The Holiday Hostess with The Most-ess

    Mariah 3-Tier Serving Tray

    Mariah 3-Tier Serving Tray

    Make way for Mariah, the official queen of the holiday season! Like any diva, Mariah was designed to steal the show with her vibrant, festive colors and celebratory flair. Check back often for ever-changing vintage inventory options. 


    Decor for Home & Garden


    4. For the Bird-Lover or Naturalist

    Aesop Teacup Bird Feeder

    Aesop Teacup Bird Feeder

    We love the way the elegant teacup and saucer looks lightly swaying from our branches (and know you and your feathered friends will too)!


    6. For the Accessories Lover

    Assorted Pendant Necklaces

    Blue and White Necklaces/Pendants

    Not only are these upcycled necklaces unique and elegant, they're eco-friendly, too! Each unique pendant features a design that’s been extracted directly from our beloved blue and white transferware patterns and attached to luxe, double-sided velvet ribbon.

    7. For the Candle Lover

    Bavarian Demitasse Candle

    Bavarian Demitasse Candle

    They say it’s the little things in life that that make us happy—and these petite candles poured into vintage demitasse (espresso) are no exception. Luxurious and fragrant, these scented beauties help create just the right cozy ambiance in your space.

    8. For that Nostalgic Friend/Coworker

    Desert Rose Magnets

    Desert Rose Magnets

    Whether you’re displaying family photos in your office or posting an important reminder on the fridge, these decorative magnets add irresistible vintage charm to just about any metal surface.


    12. For the Friend with a Green Thumb

    Sandra Teacup Planter

    Sandra Teacup Planter

    Plants make people happy, so just imagine what a plant inside a dainty porcelain teacup will do! Our vintage teacups, with a drainage hole in the base of the cup, make ideal vessels for nurturing succulents and other small plants on your window sill. Check back often for ever-changing vintage inventory options. 


    So there you have it, our 2022 holiday gift guide. Did any speak to you in particular? We'd love to know. Drop a comment below. And if you have your own fine china you'd like to turn into any one of the creations you see above, click to learn more about upcycling.

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