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Brooklyn High Low: A Cozy, Must-Visit Destination for Tea Lovers

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I went running the other day in my not-so-new neighborhood and could hardly believe my eyes—right there on Vanderbilt Ave., mere blocks from home and a stone’s throw from Prospect Park, was a tea shop!

And not just any shop that sells tea; one that fully celebrates all the best parts of the tea experience—the cozy, intimate, delicious, and dainty aspects, with attention to detail and ambience that transport you to another place and time—minus the pretention or fuss.

Yes, I’m talking about Brooklyn High Low, which opened in 2019—not long before the world of indoor dining came to a screeching halt.

And get this: they serve everything from their delightful menu on mismatched vintage china! 

mismatched china stacked for tea service at Brooklyn High Low

[Sidebar—If you’re new to The Brooklyn Teacup, our ethos is all about enjoying pre-loved vintage china and dishware or repurposing it into serving pieces that you and your loved ones will use and enjoy. As we like to say, we “put the good china to good use.”]

BKHL has a prix fixe menu that includes both typical afternoon tea fare and adventurous add-ons, with gluten-free options too. Prices for tea start at $48 and go up to $70 pp.

Brooklyn High Low’s owner, Honey Moon, is also the owner of the neighborhood vintage home décor shop down the block.  Like so many small business owners, Honey worked tirelessly to adapt her indoor dining service to the outdoors. Fortunately, Brooklyn High Low's space has an airy back patio where several small parties can be comfortably seated. They’ve done an impressive job giving it the same boho-chic flair as their interior. 

Make a reservation before you go!

afternoon tea served on three tiers with tea sandwiches, macarons, sweets and other colorful and petite desserts

Resilient local businesses like Brooklyn High Low are what make our city so special. Make a reservation for afternoon tea on Open Table and go check them out! Tell them The Brooklyn Teacup sent you :).


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